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Ideas and methods born from advanced craft and theory.

Concepts are original productions by Design Disciplin, published as videos, podcast episodes, and articles on our website. These are academic-grade resources covering ideas, methods, case studies, and more, based on advanced technical and theoretical research.

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Design talks with creatives, scholars, leaders.

Conversations are original productions by Design Disciplin, published as videos, podcast episodes, and articles on our website. Our guests are creatives, scholars, and leaders who have scaled pinnacles of creative achievement and lived to tell the tale.

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The whys and hows of Design Disciplin.

Meta-articles are musings by the people behind Design Disciplin, laying out the ideas and tactics that lead to why and how Design Disciplin is created.

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Design Disciplin is a resource and community for design and innovation.

We publish a podcast , videos , and articles to illuminate professional paths through “design” and its many facets – creativity, business, technology, art, research, philosophy, personal growth, and more.

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I love this educational content about design 🔥 🤩... thank youuu

Muhammad Amirul Iman Bin Noor Azam

Thank you so much, your channel is BOMB!

laura rascelli

Thank you from Malaysia! Very inspiring & informative 😍

Noor Azlina Mohamed Khalid

Really appreciate the efforts and the genuine information. Will be extremely useful to me and many others.

37 Aryan Athalye

Fantastic interview and insights!


These videos are very good material for designers.. please continue to make these, thank you so much for this!!

Aaron Fung

I'm writing a paper for my intro HCI class for my master's program and this helped get me off to a good start.

Alexsiara Bynum

Thank you so much for the insights!


This video is AMAZING! I have been Googling different phrases for so long, trying to understand what you've just explained... Really excellent. I now have a roadmap...

atsbil atsbil

This is so informative! Thanks for making this!!

Divyanshu Tiwari

This is without a doubt one of the most insightful design videos I've watched. Thank you so much for sharing!

Luat Le

Thanks! You’re one of the few making such insightful videos about HCI!

Theo B

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