Episode Zero

Episode Zero of the Design Disciplin podcast and YouTube channel is now online.

This is a "prototype" episode I made to explain a bit about what you'll find at Design Discipline, and to iterate on technicalities.


Design Discipline is a new publication that represents and promotes variety of perspectives on "design" in an inclusive fashion, and makes connections between them.

These perspectives, which I also like to call "frames" around design, include viewpoints like business, craftsmanship, scholarship, technology, engineering, and personal growth. These are different "worlds" where the world "design" might have different meanings.

Concepts and Conversations

Design Discipline proper will start airing in spring, with two kinds of content:

Concepts, or mental models, to inspire and enrich creative work, built on resources from the worlds of design, business, personal growth, as well as from academic literature.

Conversations with world-class creatives, leaders and scholars about the hands-on details and stories about their work, how they think, and the things they find exciting.


In addition to this website, you can find Design Discipline on YouTube and podcasts, as well as on Instagram and Twitter, for your viewing, listening, and reading pleasure.


Mehmet Aydın Baytaş

Mehmet Aydın Baytaş

Website | @doctorbaytas

Mehmet is the founder, producer, and editor-in-chief at Design Disciplin. He has been designing and building since 2005, and spent 10 years in design and computer science research.

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