Design Discipline represents and integrates diverse perspectives on design and creative work, including business, craftsmanship, scholarship, and personal growth.

Design Discipline is a multi-media publication: each episode is published as a podcast, a YouTube video, an article on this website, and a series of Instagram and Twitter posts.

Design Discipline gives you access to advanced knowledge, cultivated through years of experience and scholarship, with maximum efficiency. This is your backstage pass to all things design.

Design Discipline is a noun – it's about the discipline of design – as well as a verb – it's about the design of discipline. The concepts and experiences share might apply to wherever you might wish to bring creative work and intentional change.

Design Discipline publishes two kinds of episodes:


Ideas meant to inspire and enrich creative work, synthesized from a collection of resources on design, business, personal growth, as well as academic literature.

These begin as illustrated essays on our website, with extended commentary on our YouTube channel and podcast.


In-depth talks with world-class creatives, leaders, and scholars with all the nerdy details of their hands-on work, how they think, and the things they find exciting, illuminated by their stories and experiences.

These begin as conversations recorded in audio-visual form, with a layer of highlights, illustrations, and editorial opinions presented on our website and social media channels.

Design Discipline is an independent long-term research project and publication, produced almost entirely by Dr. Mehmet Aydın Baytaş, PhD in "Design, Technology, and Society."