Design Disciplin illuminates the many facets of design.

Covering diverse perspectives on design – including business, technology, art, craft, research, and personal growth – Design Disciplin informs individuals carving their own path to creative fulfillment.

Regular episodes of Design Disciplin are published twice every month as a video podcast – on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts – accompanied by an illustrated article on this website.

Highlights from each episode are published on Instagram and Twitter.

Design Disciplin is about the discipline of design, as well as the design of discipline. We cover advanced knowledge, cultivated in years of experience and scholarship, to provide for your practice of creative work and intentional change.

Design Disciplin publishes two kinds of episodes:


Ideas to inspire and enrich creative work, synthesized from multi-disciplinary research.


In-depth talks with world-class creatives, leaders, and scholars on how they think and act.

Design Disciplin is produced by Dr. Mehmet Aydın Baytaş.