Reviewing the Cosmos Landing Page

Reviewing the Cosmos Landing Page

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Our second Masterclass reviews the landing page of Cosmos, a "Pinterest alternative" for creatives.

Starting from how I first encountered Cosmos on the website of another designer, we journey through the experience of visiting their landing page.

Cosmos' website offers us many lessons in layout, typography, animation, and interaction design on the web.


  • "Cosmic Design" – painting with light on a black canvas
  • First impression of a new startup – how we discover new design tools and resources
  • Web development workflow tips using Arc Browser
  • Vibe vs. clarity
  • Tips for implementing animated "microinteractions" in websites – dos and don'ts
  • Tips for implying depth and space on a 2D screen
  • The 8 typographic layout systems and how to use – and not use – them in web design for creativity and readability
  • The power of imagery and art direction in web design and marketing
  • Layout and animation tactics to create focus, clarity, and direct call to action

Resources Used

Typographic Systems

by Kimberly Elam | Frameworks for Type Beyond the Grid | Graphic Design | Typography

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Mehmet Aydın Baytaş

Mehmet Aydın Baytaş


Mehmet is the founder of Design Disciplin. He has been designing and building since 2005, and spent 10 years as academic computer scientist and design researcher.