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Anthony Hobday: Interface Designer

Anthony is a user interface designer and author

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Anthony is a user interface designer. He is a self-taught expert on visual design and interaction design. He is also a teacher and explorer in the world of design, through his many side projects, including but not limited to more than 50 articles and 6 books.

Anthony has created so many of these resources, that I believe you can actually dive into his website,, as a beginner, and emerge after a few weeks of reading as a competent designer, ready to create highly functional user interfaces.

In the field of interface design, Anthony is one of the top thinkers in the world today. In this episode, we look into his world, the world of an expert designer and design thinker. I’m gonna ask him about what drove him to acquire such a high level of expertise, the opportunities and costs of being an expert, and his thoughts on the craft and business of interface design.

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