Fabian Arbor: Logo Design and Social Media

Fabian Arbor: Logo Design and Social Media

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Fabian is a young designer from Malmö in Sweden, who specializes across logo design, brand identity, and creative direction. He is known for his design work and sense of humor that he shares actively on social media.

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Conversation Topics

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:18 Fabian's design discipline
  • 04:30 How social media supports design practice
  • 10:29 What makes a good logo?
  • 15:02 Fabian's early design memories
  • 18:08 Who does Fabian look up to?
  • 20:25 Going to school in Sweden for graphic design
  • 24:15 Design classics vs. current trends
  • 25:23 Fabian's future vision: specialize or explore
  • 26:48 Anatomy of a logo design project
  • 30:26 Time as the raw material of design
  • 33:45 Piecewise vs. holistic brand identity work
  • 38:00 Fabian's posters
  • 39:17 High-leverage actions
  • 41:57 Social media strategy vs. self-expression
  • 49:50 Designing for larger companies
  • 50:44 Resources recommendations
  • 52:08 What is next for Fabian Arbor?
Mehmet Aydın Baytaş

Mehmet Aydın Baytaş


Mehmet is the founder of Design Disciplin. He has been designing and building since 2005, and spent 10 years as academic computer scientist and design researcher.