Welcome Brief

Welcome to Design Disciplin! I'm honored to have you as my guest. I made this document for new guests, based on experiences so far. Hope you enjoy it!

Results improve if we have a short (<30m) private call before recording – to get acquainted (if we aren't already), and check the camera and sound.

You can schedule your private call here:

The recording session should be at least 1 hour. Calendly will create a 1-hour event for you, but it is better if you are able to stay longer. I actually allocate 3 hours on my calendar (see below).

You can schedule your recording session here:

Please let me know if you prefer to meet outside the hours on Calendly – you can e-mail m@baytas.net, DM @doctorBaytas on Twitter or Instagram, or text +46 70 022 78 03 on iMessage or Signal.

About Design Disciplin

Design Disciplin presents conversations and ideas on "design" from diverse perspectives including business, technology, art, craft, research, and personal growth.

Most of our guests – like you – are world-class creatives, leaders, and/or scholars.

We like to talk about the arc of your career, nerdy hands-on details about work and how you think, your stories and experiences, and the things you find exciting.

Before Recording

  • I will typically spend a few hours hours in the week before our conversation studying your writings and other appearances. (You do NOT have to do the same.)
  • If there are any current topics you’re excited about (e.g. a new book or project), please let me know and I’ll make sure we cover them.
  • If there is anything you'd like to avoid talking about, or tired of talking about, please let me know and I'll make sure we avoid it.
  • If you have any "greatest hits" stories (important, powerful, funny, etc.), which your audiences have really enjoyed in the past, please let me know, and we'll touch on them.
  • Before we record I'll send you a script I will use, with questions I'd like to cover. Often, the conversation leads to interesting places and we don't use all of it, but it keeps us from getting stuck.

Great stories and ideas can come up when we talk before recording. Then, when we record, we're naturally inclined to avoid repeating these, to try and come up with new topics. I encourage you to resist this. Things that are old news for you and me could be very interesting to our audience.

During Recording


  • I recommend you allocate at least one hour.
  • I actually block 3h on my calendar for the recording, unless specified otherwise. I try to have nothing scheduled after our session. Sometimes we just enjoy talking very much. Sometimes we have technical issues. I can accommodate all of those.
  • I am in Sweden, in the Central European Standard Time zone.

Content and Style

  • It will hopefully sound like a friendly conversation rather than a formal interview.
  • You are allowed to say whatever you want, including swearing, etc.
  • Please tell stories! We do talk about abstract ideas, but I will often ask for stories to exemplify them.
  • If you realize you said something that shouldn't be on record (e.g. client IP, trade secret...), let me know and I will remove it during editing.
  • If you need to take a break, we can always pause.

Tech and Format

  • This is a video podcast, published as a podcast and a YouTube Channel. We also publish (edited) transcripts on the website.
  • We either record on location, or via Zoom. Zoom Link: https://chalmers.zoom.us/my/baytas
  • If you can record additional, good quality audio and/or video on your side, and send me the files afterwards, it may improve quality.

After Recording

  • I like to keep episodes as short as possible. I edit extensively to remove e.g. “filler” sounds and repetitive talk, while still maintaining natural conversation.
  • You will receive links to the final cut, ahead of publication, for your approval.