Fonts, Ferrari, and Frameworks

Fonts, Ferrari, and Frameworks

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The Design Disciplin Community Discord Server is home to our #inspiration channel with a constant torrent of cool things – tools, resources, and ideas shared by our team and members from all over the internet.

Here's our selection of 5 of the coolest things for designers from the #inspiration board, all shared within the last couple of weeks.

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Frank Stephenson's channel is a treasure for automotive design – impressive productions from a true expert.

Ferrari's Ex-Design Director Reviews the New Purosangue

Frank Stephenson's YouTube channel is a must-subscribe for designers of all walks. From his purpose-built virtual arena, the maestro breaks down every line and surface on Ferrari's latest innovation, the Purosangue SUV. As always, Stephenson's review is full of design insights we can add to our toolkit regardless of our focus, be it vehicles, products, graphics, or motion.

Struthless has made the definitive video on the history of typography.

The Only Typography Documentary You Need to Watch

Struthless may very well have made the definitive documentary on typography. Buckle up for an exciting half-hour ride through the history of type, beginning all the way back with the invention of writing. A must-watch for every design fan.

Design Details is our second-favorite design podcast.

YouTube's Design Systems Guru Explains How It's Done and How to Get the Job

Episode 443 of Design Details, our second-favorite design podcast (after this one), lays down the perfect overview of what it means to build and maintain a design system, and how to interview for the job.

Mizko's latest release will get you more than one step closer to the next level.

Mizko's Advanced Design Tips

Mizko is one of our favorite design YouTubers, and his latest release does not disappoint. Packed with tips on user roles, copywriting, UI kits, design systems, Figma tactics, and effective communication, this video will get you more than one step closer to the next level.

Writing frameworks like the Story Spine can radically accelerate how you produce presentations, marketing material, case studies, and more.

How to Tell a Story

Frameworks for writing and storytelling to accelerate our content production are our current obsession at Design Disciplin. Spotted this week on Alex Garcia's Twitter feed and illustrated beautifully by Sketchplanations, the Story Spine has immediately taken its place on our toolbelt.

We were so impressed with Lazy's design that we recorded our first Masterclass to break down the design tactics they used.

Bonus: Lazy's Masterclass in Web UX Design

Lazy is a hot new startup that launched this month. We were so impressed with their initial experience design and landing page that we recorded our first Masterclass to analyze their brilliant work.

Mehmet Aydın Baytaş

Mehmet Aydın Baytaş


Mehmet is the founder of Design Disciplin. He has been designing and building since 2005, and spent 10 years as academic computer scientist and design researcher.